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First Week

We just completed our first full week back in operation and the response from our guests, old and new, was really encouraging. Althought at this time the menu is quite limited in terms of choice, nearly all our guests understood the need for us to "start small" as it were and to gradually build back up the business and the menu!Althought the menu is limited the dishes are all new, even Peri Peri Chicken, which was always on our menu, has received a makeover and we've come up with a totally new P...

September 20, 2020

Our New Menu

Given that we are just reopening, we have decided that the menu should be very tight, ensuring that everything is available. We've chosen the finest local ingredients, which we use in our most popular dishes from the pre covid menu. Beef Carpaccio, Country Style Pate and Peri Peri Chicken to name but a few. As the business picks up and people begin to frequent restaurants again, we will offer more choice to cater to what we hope will be a growing business again!...

September 13, 2020

Casa Mia Re Opens

Let me first say, that Covid -19 has been devastating for the world both in terms of lives lost and  families torn apart by the loss of loved ones to the pandemic and our hearts and minds sympathize with these losses.  After effectivily six months of lock down, we are reoping our doors and attempting to get business back to normal. Like all business in this field, we have had to deal with a massive downturn in business, actually from what was a vibrant hotel to zero, and we really feel...

September 13, 2020

New Menu


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